Originally Published 12/22/12

On December 10, 2012 I reached the age of 60.  I have never cared about age, it was only a number. But turning 60 does make me stop and think about how the time has flown and what I have accomplished with my life.  When I was a teenager I remember hearing older people talk about how time flies.  At the time that seemed to be such a dumb statement!  Time did not fly, it crawled.  I couldn’t wait to finish school, have a career and get married yet it seemed like it would be an eternity for any of that to happen. 🙂   Today I feel like I have blinked a few times and gained 4 decades!  How did that happen?

The Bible tells us in James 4:14 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is your life?  It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away.”  When we are young that verse does not make alot of sense.  Our days seem to drag like a child waiting for Christmas morning.  Those of you that have passed 5 decades or more understand that you look back and wonder where all the time has gone.

Our Creator does not tell us how many years He has given us to work for Him on this earth.  What He does tell us is that life is brief and that we should use each minute that we are awake profitably.  God tells us in Ephesians 5:16 and Colossians 4:5 that we should be redeeming or making the best use of our time.  When we think of these commands it should inspire us to look at our schedule and ask ourselves where our priorities are.

Has your life been spent serving the Lord?  When you look at your accomplishments can you honestly say that you have attempted to put God first in your schedule?  December is a great month to ask this question because so many of us in America get so caught up in the gift buying & giving, the decorating, the partying, and the family rituals that we forget that Christmas is supposed to be about God coming to earth in the form of a child to save us from our sins.  How does your December schedule look?  Have you put Christ first and foremost or is he last on the list?

Let me challenge you, wherever you are in your life cycle, to look at your remaining years and make a commitment.  Ask the Lord to show you how He wants you to spend your time that it might be redeemed for all eternity.


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