I was talking to someone the other day and they asked why I had these red patches on the back of my neck.  I told them that it was psoriasis and that it tended to flare up when I was stressed.  In a shocked voice she asked, “What are you stressed about?!”  I tried to explain that we are working every spare minute on the house that we bought in January in an attempt to get it ready so we can move from our temporary housing to our permanent home.  We also have one of the biggest events that our church has coming up in 1 1/2 weeks with a special speaker arriving that I need to prepare a guest room for.  And let’s not forget the pies to bake for the Sunday of Father’s day, the potato salad I am supposed to make the next weekend and 2 other desserts.  Oh yes, and I am supposed to work 3 days a week.  You get the picture.  I’m tired and overwhelmed. 🙂

This morning I was thinking about that scenario and the Lord reminded me that most of us don’t understand another person’s stressors.  What drives me crazy would be a piece of cake to another person.  Yet, that same person could be bent completely out of shape over something that I would just take in stride.  The fact that even our closest friends can’t always understand why we are upset does not keep us from going to them to give us sympathy. If we knew what many of our friends and acquaintances are going through we would be embarrassed that we even THOUGHT we were stressed or overworked.  Just look at the news this last week.  No one has shot me or someone I love and I did not just lose a child to a gator attack at Disney World.  Those are stressful situations that I hope I will never have to experience!

When I am tempted to say “poor me, I just can’t take the pressures of my life”, it’s time to look around and get some perspective of what real problems are.  Then I need to have a talk to the only one who truly understands me–my Heavenly Father who created me just the way I am.  Because my creator is all knowing and all powerful, He also knows exactly how my schedule should work out and what I am capable of doing.  God is just waiting for me to come to Him so that He can give me wisdom and strength to do all that He has called me to do.  Yet I too often forget that fact while working myself up into a dither over something I can’t control. 🙂



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  1. Gayle Van Scoy
    Jun 16, 2016 @ 16:42:18

    Well said dear friend. I could very well relate to your post. You’ve been through a lot of changes the last year or two but the Lord has carried you through it all. Gary Ledbetter and his wife Linda have been through a lot of changes since they took a church in Whiteville NC. They have been living in the church’s fellowship hall for the last couple of years. They bought a foreclosure house and gutted the insides and totally redid the house. They are finally in their new home. Look forward to getting to see their new house when we see them again.

    I’m glad that April 7, 2016 is behind Doug and me. We were in two separate car accidents the same night on the eastside of Greenville and 2 hours apart. Thankful to the Lord there were no injuries for any of the parties and our cars were able to be repaired. My brother and wife who live in Atlanta were here to take us out for dinner. Doug’s accident happened before dinner and mine happened after dinner. It’s good to be able to look back and see how God carried us through the many calls from the insurance company and the recorded statements, the estimates and repairs. I was without my car for 7 weeks. The worst part of my accident was that while the tow truck driver was putting my car on the bed of the tow truck the cable broke loose and my car backed off the two truck and ran into the city police car damaging both my rear bumper and the city car’s front bumper. Of course the two truck company had to pay for that damage. Needless to say we didn’t get home until midnight. It was definitely a night to remember. I think my brother got back to Atlanta before we got home.

    Laurie and her family (8 kids) are traveling by van from Seattle to Greenville to come see us. They haven’t been back in 8 years. They will be with us for 2 or 3 days and then are headed up to the Creation Museum. The oldest is 13 and the youngest 1. It will be quite a trip.


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