I thought it might be a good idea to share my goals for anyone that will read this blog.

In 2006 I started producing a newsletter for the ladies in my church to share with them lessons that God has taught me over my 50 plus years as a Christian. The Lord laid this on my heart several years before this but since I was convinced that writing was not my gift it took awhile for God to convince me that this was my next ministry.

This idea took off and soon I was emailing it to family, friends, fellow pastor’s wives & missionaries. I am still amazed when someone writes to me and expresses their gratitude while sharing how something in one of my newsletters spoke to them or blessed them.

Soooo, from time to time, I will be posting one of these Bible Lessons on my blog in the hopes that the Lord will spread his word farther and encourage women to serve and trust Him.

Since I am a decorator and love creating beautiful, organized spaces while saving money; I also do a housekeeping tip in each newsletter. I hope to post some of these also since I firmly believe that God expects us to keep beautiful homes that will glorify and honor him.

Please feel free to share thoughts and questions with me. I love to help and encourage women. Many things in the world we live in are so discouraging we all need to be encouraged and reminded of God’s many blessings.